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Stan Emert host of Public Exposure, keeps our calendar booked with interesting guests and experts from local schools or transportation issues, to returning medical support experts from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Recent guests include: Ershad Ahmadi from the office of the President of Afghanistan; Brian Sonntag, Washington state Auditor; Lynn Brewer, author of House of Cards, Confessions of an Enron Executive; Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Mike Seely of the Seattle Weekly; and former frontline general in Iraq, Maj. General Paul Eaton (US Army, RET.).

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Be sure to tune in Saturdays, 6:00 AM for rebroadcasts of Public Exposure on KWPX (Independent Television Network) throughout western Washington on cable channel 3 on most systems.

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Partial list of previous guests.

August 21: Global economist and Chief Currency Strategist for GAIN Capital, Brian Dolan, will discuss how money exchanges impact economies. He will explain the everyday importance of nations' central banks and how values of currency and commodities affect your daily lives.

August 28: Veteran US state department official, Ron Woods, will explain the intricacies of the region of conflict in Georgia, and how there is much more to the story than is presently being told.

Deliver quality, commericial-free public affairs programming with a focus on fiscal responsibility and government accountability from the local community perspective. We believe in the power of the individual to make a difference. Providing an additional channel for informing and empowering such individuals is our goal.

Committed to excellence one show at a time. Each week our all volunteer crew donate an evening to the issue of the week. Busy professionals, they come to operate cameras, ride audio, deliver directions to the floor, tweek the lights, and preview and switch the graphics to deliver a 28 minute commercial-free forum for information. They bring their interest in public affairs and a passion for providing more detail on lesser covered stories. Take a look inside the studio.

Anyone interested in starting their own show is encouraged to contact us or SCAN for "how to" information.

Our director collects and archives important articles sent to her from around the country and the world. A late comer to an interest in political history, she is convinced that if voters were more adequately informed, we could more closely resemble the union our founding fathers intended for this great nation.  Go to: know more now.

During the last five years, Public Exposure has given voice to many guests with solutions for our regions transportation problems. We looked around and located some enviable solutions. Go to sights of Sydney for a favorite.

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